International Workshop on Modeling for Vehicle/IoT/Robotics System Education (MOVE)

As systems become more complex and sophisticated, development using models such as UML is playing an increasingly important role. In this situation, practical modeling education is important. In order to practice practical education, realistic tasks are necessary. In addition, the assignments must be attractive to students. However, it is difficult for teachers to prepare realistic and attractive tasks, and it is also difficult to operate the education itself.

In this workshop, we will share our experiences in modeling education using robots and other attractive teaching materials. We will contribute to the modeling education community by sharing our knowledge of issues, teaching materials, and operation methods. We welcome you to share your findings, especially through demos and videos.

We invite submissions related to (but not limited to) the following topics:

・Modeling education for
  Robotics systems
  Industry 4.0/Factory 4.0
  Teaching material


Paper submission deadline: July 21
Notification: Aug 20
Camera ready: Aug 27


Kenji Hisazumi, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Harumi Watanabe, Tokai University


9:007:0019:00Prof. Dr. Nicolás Cardozo (University of Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia)Keynote:
Modeling and managing dynamically adaptive systems
10:008:0020:00Prof. Dr. Mizue Kayama
(Shinshu University, Japan) Dr, Takashi Nagai (Institute of Technologists, Japan)
xtUML by children  – case studies in japan – 
10:308:3020:30Dr. Kittikhun Thongpull (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand)Invited:
Research Contributions to Model-based Design for Intelligent System and Robotic Applications
11:109:1021:10Mr. Yuki Tsuchitoi (FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp, Japan)Invited:
Introducing ETRobocon and its modeling education
11:409:4021:40Mr. Masumi Ikura (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand)Invited:
Model-based Design usage for supports an EV-CAR system design